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About Flavor Dept.
We eat many different kinds of foods every day. Do you know the secret to making food much more delicious? It is generally termed flavor, and that is where various aromatic chemicals play an important role in producing dramatic effects. Flavors are used for a wide variety of foods throughout the world and therefore comprise a long list that includes diverse items.

Here in the Flavor Development Dept., we develop various flavors and associated products to meet widely varying users' needs. Upon receiving an order, our perfumer begins with formulating the flavor that he feels would best suit the customer's requirements. Development of a flavor should be based on the faithful reproduction of the taste of a food using natural and chemically synthesized materials. For example, what may be termed strawberry flavor can include the flavor of ripe strawberries, a few green ones, strawberries made into jam or strawberries of a different variety in addition to some modifications required by other applications such as ice cream, candies or baked pastries. A flavor thus formulated will undergo trials to test its performance in the actual application to ascertain that it fulfills the customer's requirements before we offer it to the customer. Although only a very small quantity is used in food, a flavor is an important ingredient determining the gastronomic value.
About Flavor
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